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Greg and model in Steve's studio

Okay,Sports fans, only two copies of A Life In Photography left...which should be the next cover? If you want one, you will get a book for $25 postage paid, instead of $35, just for giving me your choice! They will be printed by the beginning of September if you get your choices to me ASAP, I would greatly appreciate it. Comments always welcome! Email me now with title of the image you vote for.


Teacher and husband in the garden.

DMH in the Crimson newsroom with John Short, James Fallows, Ron Galeta.Photo Copyright Timothy G. Carlson.

Gardener in the cathedral of Limoges.

Checking out at Port Authority.

Woman and donkey in Crete.

Renaissance Fair dancer.

Runway goddess.

South of France girls with church offering.

Gloria and Baby ERA.

Sean McBride honored by Amnesty International.

Twin Towers from the roof of the St. James hotel.

The book can be ordered via Paypal to you! Email me with your choice now!

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