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"I'm an an art department researcher on a tv mini-series entitled "Mrs. America". It's a 9-part series starring Cate Blanchett that is centred around the ERA movment in the 70s in the US. Cate is playing Phyllis Schlafly. The other key figures in the show are the second-wave feminists led by Gloria Steinem et al.
Here is some information on the show: Mrs. America FX mini-series:

I have poured through your photography and it is extremely helpful for us achieving the level of reality we are going for for this tv show. We have the intention of making it feel extremely real as opposed to overly stylized.I'm wondering if the photos you have on your website are most of what you took during that time? I ask because we are building out so much of our characters now, and the use of photography helps us do that. Gloria, Betty, Bella, Flo, Shirley, the whole gang, we are also building their home life. We are looking for as much reference material as possible to grab as many details as possible of all of these impressive people."


All photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry.

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Richard Hambleton and Ronald Sosinski by Diana Mara Henry,

as seen in the film, Shadowman.


Above: Photo of Martin Wong and Julie Herron by Diana Mara Henry in

Sotheby's onine tour of the art movement of the Lower East Side



Frank Oz introduces Cookie Monster at Ad Council

press conference, 11/06/74, photographed by DMH.

Nancy Reagan and Ronald Reagan R.I.P.


Diana Mara Henry in her Gallery,

See new exhibit

The Red Wall, at 125 Main St. in Newport, VT

Her photograph of Bella Abzug was the only one used in the Harvey Fierstein solo performance of Bella! Bella!, 2019.




Proclamation for her keynote address:

"The work of Diana Mara Henry is recognized as a National Treasure of History."




The best thing since sliced bread! Adam Rabin's interview!


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From the archive...children at play

annotated by Ron Jones

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