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The following are photographic events with lots of epehmera, explained in further detail, or photographs that are especially newsworthy again.


Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug and Lily Tomlin, commented by Lily Tomlin

Photographs are all Copyright © Diana Mara Henry,

so please email us for permission to reproduce....Thank you!


Photos by DMH at the Museum of the City of NY

Diana Mara Henry co-hosted the Sisterhood Salon with Linda Garcia-Merchant,

Maria Cotera and Jo Freeman at the 40th Anniversary of the Houston Conference, November 2017.


"The work of Diana Mara Henry is recognized as a National Treasure of History.


Frank Oz introduces Cookie Monster at Ad Council

press conference, 11/06/74, photographed by DMH.

The best thing since sliced bread! Adam Rabin's interview!


Now for something completely different! (newsletter)

(Click on photo for story and video about Shooting James Brown)

 New York Foundation for the Arts salutes Diana Mara Henry


Here are photos of Gloria Steinem!



Chronology of DMH career in photography



Nancy Reagan and Ronald Reagan R.I.P.


A passel of press passes

What's going on here? Avant-garde fashion by Karl L:agerfeld!

Read about Fashion as Fantasy at Rizzoli Bookstore

Your invitation to the premiere of NINE-TO-FIVE,

 Jane Fonda speaking to Women Office Workers

and Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden

Larry Rivers at the Jewish Museum

Diane Von Furstenberg and André Leon Talley:

Men we've lost:

In loving and grateful memory of Bill Mollison, founder of Permaculture,

who taught me how to live well on earth...

See him on

Alfred del Bello, 5/17/2015

In memory of Douglas Ireland, 1946-2013

George McGovern: A meeting, a book and a tribute

Sargent Shriver historic photographs

Cornell Capa is gone-Harold Edgerton,

Ernst Haas,Marty Peretz,Erik Erikson

Ted Kennedy, Sargent and Eunice Shriver depart

Governor Mario Cuomo, Father Drinan, James Brown depart



Frank Oz introduces Cookie Monster at Ad Council

press conference, 11/06/74, photographed by DMH.



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