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"On Memorial Day Weekend of that year, the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, again led by John Kerry, decided to create another visual, symbolic protest against the Vietnam War by retracing the April 19, 1775, route taken by Paul Revere from Boston to Concord (actually, Revere made it only to the outskirts of Lexington) - but the veterans were going to do it in reverse."

All photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry

"I feel pride when I look at the photo, As you know, we didn't get a very good welcome home from Nam,

but those days from Lexington to the Common were magical. How wonderful to see the photos of those days!" - Don Carrico, 9/18/16

Pushing Jimmie Gould in the wheelchair: Dale Reese

Don Carrico writes, 2/17/2015: "I am the fourth man from the right, between Al Hubbard, to my left and Michael Roach, on my right. I don't know the Veteran in the wheelchair. We did go, as VVAW, to the West Roxbury VA Hospital often to talk to the seriously wounded vets and some of them would join us in our "Actions". The picture had to be from Memorial Day 1971, as I was still in the Marine Corps in 1970. (Vietnam service B Co. 1/27th Marines '68 and 1st Mar. Div. 69). I note that because some in our ranks were NOT Vietnam Veterans. I recognize faces in the other pictures, but don't know the names. I have lost touch with many of the persons in the organization, but still have good friends from that time. I will pass it on to them to see if they know the names. At the time of the picture I was going to school in Boston, I ended up graduating from UNH and worked in the renewable energy business in Maine and NH and some in Vt. (Solar Photovoltaic installations). I am proud to say that systems I installed are still producing power every day!
I am now retired in Florida and spend my time as a Volunteer with Give Kids The World, Meals on Wheels, the local Hospital and with my lady Ruth, 8 indoor cats and some outside that I take care of. My life is wonderful today. I hope yours is! You are a wonderful photographer. I happened to see the picture when someone asked me what was the highlight of my life. I said the years I was in VVAW. So I said look up VVAW and found the picture. I was also one of the 15 Veterans who 'took over' the Statue of Liberty".

Thanks, Don!

 View on THE VETERAN, Spring 2008, Volume 38, Number 1:

Vietnam Veterans Against the War: "Seizing the Statue of Liberty 1971: Three Days With A Lady" by Don Carrico

Many people had asked Diana Mara Henry if the man in the wheelchair in the photo above is Ron Kovic, Vietnam veteran and author of the book "Born on the Fourth of July." Through the miracle of the internet, she reached him and sent him the images she took on Boston Common on Memorial Day 1971, accompanied by John Wilkes, of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War/ VVAW demonstration there. Ron Kovic was not there, he told her, but he wrote back: "Your photos are beautiful and represent such a powerful and passionate time in American history. I believe these photos will last and many years from now they will be looked at and studied just as Mathew Brady's classic and haunting Civil war photos are today." Please feel free to use this phrase and the one I gave to you the other day ['Thank you for being a part of history.'] as a blurb in your important new book! Best Wishes! Ron Kovic." Thank YOU, Ron! Photo below left IS of Ron Kovic!


All photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry

All photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry

Diana Mara Henry's devotion to the men and cause of Vietnam Veterans Agains the War extended her reportage for at least another ten years. Here are photographs she took of a hunger strike in LA protesting neglect of Veterans' needed treatment by the VA, and of Gene Dorr, Ron Kovic, Max Inglett and Suzanne Hopkins. More importantly, she collected not only the literatureof theVeterans of the Vietnam War and Black Veterans for Social Justice (see below) but also the personal testimonies handwritten by Max Inglett and Gene Dorr.They asked for 50% of all monies received. If only someone, anyone, would ever be interested in these causes and people that Diana Mara Henry photographed because "photographers write history too!"...It would help support her and them in their old age.

All photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry


All photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry


Ron Kovic wrote on 2/14/11 of the photo of him and Vietnam Veteran Max Inglett, above left: "We are in front of The Westwood Federal building in Los Angeles...It is the spring... and we are in the midst of a seventeen day hunger strike with other Vietnam Veterans"

All photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry

All photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry

More photographs of the event here

Please send ID's for any other of these people if you know them, and your memories which we will be glad to share...Photographs all copyright © Diana Mara Henry. No reproduction without written permission, so email us now.


Going back to the year 1968, draft card burning and spectators at Northeastern University, 1968.


All photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry

All photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry. Email us for permission to reproduce or distribute in any form.

Article is first of three in a seriesabout Ed Murphy by Diana Mara Henry when she was General assignment reporter for the Staten Island Advance;

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Photograph Copyright © Diana Mara Henry of Ed Murphy campaigning for Borough President of Staten Island.

She also photographed him at the Statue of Liberty with McGovern,

as a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention, Miami Beach, 1972, and his wedding to Lin Murphy.

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Ed Murphy, (Labor/Social Justice Advocate) Executive Director, The Workforce Development Institute, is a former military intelligence agent who exposed the CIA’s Phoenix Program in April 1970; a veterans and peace activist....Ed’s professional life began in the May 1968 as an Army Counterintelligence Special Agent, fluent in Vietnamese; assigned to the 4th Infantry Division at Dragon Mountain [18] , in the Central Highlands outside Pleiku, where his first recorded statement against the war was made...

For more than 40 years Ed has articulated the hopes, challenges, mistakes, missed opportunities and options Americans face interacting in a global economy. He has organized and implemented private and public sector veterans programs; established some of the earliest Readjustment Counseling (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) programs and served as an advisor to the federal court on the Agent Orange Class Action Lawsuit.Ed Murphy has a long history as an advocate for peace and social justice; a leader in veterans services, public policy, organized labor, economic and workforce development. Ed taught at the college level for the New School for Social Research, been a guest lecturer at other colleges; published Vietnam Our Father Daughter Journey,

and has been discussed in other books; written a variety of articles and commentaries, appeared on local, national and international, radio and television , had four photography exhibits related to Vietnam and participated in the development of two movies. Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam, was given an Emmy and Ed was honored for his contribution to the writing.

Zoeann Murphy wrote, “When I asked my father how the war affected him, he always said, 'Vietnam Lives in my Soul'


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Two images from the Vietnam Veteran action in 1970:

"All afternoon Saturday Lexington residents swarmed onto the Green. The day was a clamor of discussions and debates with clergy, townspeople and members of the town government that lasted into the evening hours. After nightfall, there were still hundreds of people on the Green. Many townspeople chose to find sleeping bags and spend the night. Upon instructions of the Board of Selectmen, the police chief ordered everyone to leave the Green. At 3 A.M. on Sunday morning 458 veterans and townspeople were arrested and taken by school buses to be jailed at the Public Works garage on Bedford Street. Later that morning, those arrested were again taken in school buses to a special Sunday session of the Concord District Court where most pled guilty to disobeying a town bylaw and were fined $5, "the cost of a night's lodging," as Concord Court Judge John Forte put it."

"This is the Wheel Chair of Jimmie Gould. Marine paraplegic. Since died by suicide." - Don Carrico

Women on Park Avenue in demonstration against ITT and the war in Cambodia, 1971.

All photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry

All photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry

Women of the Women's Pentagon Action (Extensive documentation linked at the Spotlight page.)

These letters refer to the Al Gore Sr. campaign for reelection to the Senate,

 Gore Sr. "was ultimately unseated in the 1970 general election by Republican Congressman William E. Brock III.

Gore was one of the key targets in the Nixon/Agnew "Southern strategy."

He had earned Nixon's ire the year before when he criticized the administration's "do-nothing" policy

toward inflation.... Spiro T. Agnew traveled to Tennessee in 1970 to mock Gore as the "Southern regional chairman of the Eastern Liberal Establishment".

Other prominent issues in this race included Gore's opposition to the Vietnam War, his vote against Sen. Everett Dirksen's amendment on prayer in public schools,

and his opposition to appointing Clement Haynsworth and G. Harrold Carswell to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Brock won the election by a 51% to 47% margin." ( Wikipedia )

DMH had met Senator Gore at the Crimson, where she was a photo editor and Senator Gore's son, Al Gore Jr., supposedly on the business side.

Both Al Gore Jr. and DMH majored in Government at Harvard-see where we each went with that!

  Coming full circle: two more images from the Anti-War demonstration on Boston Common, 1971, as the first one on this page.

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All photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry

All photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry. Email us for permission to reproduce or distribute in any form.
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