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Diana Mara Henry's Harvard Crimson press pass signed by Boisfeuillet "Bo" Jones Jr.

(Jones joined the Washington Post in 1980 as vice president and counsel. In 1995, he became president and general manager of the Post, assuming responsibility for the business side of the newspaper. In January 2000, he was named associate publisher, assuming responsibility of the Post on a day-to-day basis. In September 2000 he became publisher and CEO.He is a director of the Associated Press, the Newspaper Association of America, the Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation, and the Federal City Council.- From Wikipedia)

The Harvard Crimson newsroom circa 1968 Copyright © TImothy Carlson, generously sent to "Dear Diana the Huntress of Intriguing Imagery." It shows left to right: John Short, James Fallows, President, DMH, Photo Editor, and William R. Galeota, Managing editor. Email Diana Mara Henry.

Other "fun" Crimeds in the class of 1969: Al Gore, Business;

and star footballer that year, Tommy Lee Jones

whose actions were described in the famous Crimson headline: "Harvard beats Yale, 29-29."

During her Senior Year, Diana Mara Henry wrote news articles and feature stories for the Harvard Crimson, including this article about Jerry Rubin and the SDS and about Antioch College and If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium...

See more of the photographs of Harvard in the 1960's iin a slide show! All photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry. Please email us for permission to publish or distribute these.

James Glassman and Diana Mara Henry pose as the Crimsons, in a recruiting page, October 9, 1968 (senior year.)


Charles Hagen, note to DMH, and his photo of Diana Mara Henry that graced the wall of the stairway going up to the sanctum - for years





Photograph Copyright ©  1967 Charles Hagen

Thank you Chuck!



Diana Mara Henry was a "candidate" when she was sent to photograph the great visiting professor, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, at his office overlooking Brattle Street. Published on 3/25/1967.





During her Senior year at Harvard, Diana Mara Henry was the still photographer for the student produced film,  Barbara, Baby starring Barbara Lankton, who is now Barbara Lankton Connors and Mayor of Erie, Colorado. The director, Brian Kahin, is now Professor of Information Technology at the University of Michigan

John Short article May 20, 1968 "Design School votes for Grope on his 85th," page one, illustrated by Diana Mara Henry of Walter Gropius at Harvard party hosted by President Nathan Pusey

Photograph by Diana Mara Henry of Eugene McCarthy campaigning at a night rally in Cambridge, MA, published in the Harvard Crimson March 7, 1968. She also took photographs to illustrate the "Clean for Gene" campaign theme.

Diana Mara Henry is cited in the Harvard Libraries collections for her 1967 Ferguson Prize-winning sophomore essay, "The Concept of Time and the Concept of History" published in the Journal for the Study of Cycles

In addition to the exhibit of more than 50 images presented at the class of 1969 25th reunion, Diana Mara Henry was a panelist on "Photography as a Political Art" at her 40th reunion.

Another stint as poster child for the Crimson, Diana M. Henry, Photographer and James L. Wolbarshdt, Business

Harvard Magazine, December 23, 1968; Diana Mara Henry's photographs of the Harvard yard wall painting were first published in the Harvard Crimson 11/26/68 on page one "Surrealists renovate Harvard Yard Fence" and in "The Year of Rock in Review-Part 2 The Crimson supplement 2/14/69 "Understanding the Radio Medium" by John Short, photos by DMH on page one, 3, 5 and 6.

The famous image of the Harvard Student-Faculty Advisory Comittee (SFAC)11/26/1968, Lowell House, meeting with President Pusey on left and in the front row, from right: Martin Peretz, Stanley Hoffman, Erik Erikson, with lighting effects due to cigarette smoke. Published many times....including in the Harvard Crimson anthology



See more of the photographs of Harvard in the 1960's iin a slide show! All photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry. Please email us for permission to publish or distribute these.

Photograph by Diana Mara Henry in Time magazine 2/23/1968, of Dean Glimp and President Pusey of Harvard addressing the draft.
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