Women on the Move
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Young People Talk

Professor Laura Lovett of U Mass Amherst invited Diana Mara Henry to give an illustrated lecture to her class in Women's History and assigned her students to write answer a discussion question that evening. They did great! 
Please email if you would like DMH to visit your campus or organization! 
The students write about learning about how bystanders make history,
 diversity in the women's movement,

gender roles,

point of view,

 the media,

positive images of women,

understanding history,

understanding feminism,

being involved as a viewer,

how Diana Mara Henry captured history, and the treasure that is now housed at the Du Bois Library's special collections.

Please see the page "As Yet Unseen" for the story of
Photographer and Independent Scholar Diana Mara Henry
and bottom of this page for a blog from her recent trip overseas.

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