Women on the Move
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Video of Gloria Steinem, Liz Holtzman, Carmen Delgado, Melba Tolliver

and many more friends celebrating this event in NYC


Billie Jean King, Susan B. Anthony, Congresswoman Bella Abzug, Sylvia Ortiz, Peggy Kokernot, Michele Cearcy, Betty Friedan marching to the conference.

Read Billie Jean King's message for the exhibit celebration program an Rosalynn Carter's comments on the book and exhibit here!
About the Exhibit: 

"Women on the Move" - an exhibit by the official photographer of the President's Commission on International Women's Year - Diana Mara Henry - reaches out in an homage to Bella Abzug and reconnects participants of the First National Women's Conference, renewing the commitment of those glory days. Commissioners, delegates, alternates, participants and YOU are joining the conversation. These amazing women made history then and are inspiring us still today.
Scroll down to see E.R.A. and Gloria Steinem and Vinie Burrows,
the great lady of the theater, and
See: Who Came and Why? for a close-up of the event in NYC and statements...
Thank you so much to Jeannette Watson Sanger for her generous seed grant for this exhibit!
And now....The Exhibit Moves On! ( click for checklist )

, event speaker for

International Women's Day at Westfield State University,

March 8, 2016, and at "Mind, Body and Soul"

Jewish Communities of Vermont summit,

April 3, 2016 in Stowe, VT.


When the official report of the conference was delivered to the President, E.R.A., the daughter of delegate Judy McCArthey, was there and Gloria was so happy to hold her.....Read more here.

Dear Diana, A thousand thanks for your kind note and the gift of that wonderful book reliving an exciting time in our history.
In sisterhood and peace,Vinie www.vinieburrows.com

Read about the amazing talent of Vinie Burrows, captured at the NY State Women's Meeting, August, 1977, and on the cover of Women on the Move! 
Women on the Move book accompanies this exhibit!
I want to get a copy of your book … I love your photography … give me instructions on how to order it.  Will you autograph it for me?
Email us for your autographed copy, $25 postage-paid...
Dear Diana, Judy wanted me to let you know that she did receive your book and that she really appreciated the picture of herself and Alice Neel! Judy Chicago's Website 
Dear Diana,  Yes I would like the extra copy of your book.... You are doing great and important work for us all. -AmyTrompetter 

Lobby the USPS to create a stamp series honoring the women leaders of the 1970's,
as portrayed by Diana Mara Henry!

Send them a message!
A USPS stamp series of the women leaders of the 1970's!
See Gloria Steinem's endorsement...

("We Didn't Burn Them" - Susan B. Anthony - "Another Mormon for the ERA')
(Steinem and Baby ERA - Bella is happy - Barbara Jordan - US postage stamps) 
(Elway, Steinem, Komisar, Carpenter - Maya Angelou and Jill Ruckleshaus - views of conference)

Check out Diana Mara Henry's main website, http://www.dianamarahenry.com 

Click here to see more of the women of Houston

Dottie Arceneaux today and at Houston, age 16...

Also at Diana Mara Henry's website:
Spotlight page, scroll down to first link (at bottom left) for "An evening with Bella"  - for a lot of great ephemera!
From the Home page, to the "Women on the Move" category, to the "Bella, Liz and Shirley" link for a lot of photos of Bella 
From the home page, to the Slide Shows link, for slide shows of The First National Women's Conference, The NY State Women's Meeting, Celebrating Women, Bella Abzug, and more!

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