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Magazines, books and other in which photographs by Diana Mara Henry and articles about her work have been published:

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"I want to thank you for all that you have done to document recent American history, especially American women's history, so powerfully. "
Nancy C. Unger
Associate Professor of History
Santa Clara University

"Thank you so much for the photos that wended their way to me -- from my office and because I've been traveling -- later than you intended. They are such a memory boost, and I'm so glad that you were there with your camera!...With friendship, Gloria" 2/15/09

"A collection of essays dedicated to Eva Moseley... on the occasion of her retirement in June 1999"  


“The work you have done over the course of your career is path-breaking and memorable.” – Cathy Trost 1- 12/17/2010

Director of Exhibit Development



The images from the National Women's Conference in 1977 on your web page are great, and they highlight an historic event.  Thanks for sharing the link with us!


Stacy Davis


Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library

"Thank you for....the wonderful glimpse into your fascinating life's work. The articles and photographs you shared truly demonstrate your passion for social justice and your remarkable talent as a photojournalist."  Carol A. Leary, President, Bay Path College

The Publisher of book at left says their artist did not use my photo

for the illustration on the cover.....